Friday, October 30, 2015

Hunt Halloween FHE

So in recent years, the Arizona Hunts have had the tradition of a family Halloween family night. Nothing too over the top, but an extra night for the kids to wear their costumes, for pumpkin carving, yummy food, and fun company.

Its no secret that Halloween is not my favorite. Honestly, it really never has been. But its fun to see the kids having fun and its low key enough not to cause anxiety. (for me)

Jamie made Kara's broccoli and cheese soup/breadsticks...i had to go off my diet for that because...CARBS. yum. There was desserts of pies and cheesecake (neither my bag, so i munched on candy) and I brought some salads.

Nash has been hit and miss with being sick. He wasnt feeling quite himself this night, so I have almost no pictures of him smiling. Oh well. The other kids were being their usual funny selves. And the kiddos (grace, corbin, and aly) carved their own pumpkins and they turned out great!! Alaric (jamie) and Ryker (Josh) did a good job too. :)

The cherry on top of the fun night, was that Gracie Loo Who pulled a tooth out. She is getting to be so grown up!!

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