Monday, August 15, 2011

Joe--so late!! ugh.

I'm a girl who has always gotten along better with guys.
Maybe its partly my personality, but the other part is because i grew up with LOTS of boys around.
As a result, i love boys...well, specifically MY boys.

I love my brothers--alot. I probably dont show it or say that as often as I should.

My baby brothers name is Joe. Joe and I had a rough start, to say the least.
I was 7 when my mom told me she was going to have another baby. I was thrilled and not at the same time. I didnt want to give up my "baby" position in the family, but when my mom told me she thought it was a girl I got really excited.

We were SURE the baby was a girl--a girl we planned on calling Allison.

The day my mom came home from the doctors with that VHS will be forever burned into my memory. I had no clue at what i was seeing. BUT i could read.
"Its a boy!"

I turned, ran into my room, and cried and cried. I'm pretty sure i was sulky for awhile.

Then Joseph Harold was born and all I wanted to do was help out with him...hold him...take him swimming...

He was such a punk baby! He never let me help out at all!!!

As I got older, Joe always wanted to be a part of my things, and be with my friends.
And my friends ALL loved Joe--everyone does. Hes just one of those people others are drawn to and like without even knowing.

It annoyed me. I got older. It then only sometimes annoyed me. and I loved Joe.

Well, thankfully now I've grown up a bit. And so has Joe. Sometimes that 8 year gap sends me for a loop...long car rides are not a good idea when we are stuck in the back together. I think we've finally managed being able to sit by each other for Sunday dinners without getting into a fight and thats progress :)

Joe is a crack-up. Hes mostly cheerful (only recently becoming a moody teen) and is a big help to my mom and randy since Jeff and I have gotten married and moved out. He is tough (recoop-ing from knee surgery and not being able to play varsity football) and hes smart. I'm excited to see what life has in store for my big little brother!

Happy 1st week of your Junior year Joey!! I love you!
(junior year was my fav, i'm a little jealous!)

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