Sunday, September 11, 2011

Boggles the mind...

It boggles my mind...i am so behind in all that i hope to do! I havent written in my journal in over a month, and normally thats okay because i've written on here to make up for it. ANNNND....
i havent.

I even wrote down something i wanted to blog about a 3 weeks ago and i never got it up. Well, better late than never.
With out further ado:

  • waking up late
  • not doing my hair or makeup
  • eating a full 12" subway sub for lunch
  • my apartment being a disaster zone
  • my chipped brand new pedicure
  • jace being in pain (we are pretty sure its kidney stones)
  • the management at our apartment complex (and maybe the apartment complex in general)
  • 110+ degree temperatures (banging head on desk)
  • getting to work on time despite waking up late
  • getting a water instead of a soda for lunch
  • getting 2 new clients for my hair business
  • jace doing the laundry
  • being able to get Jace right into the Dr.
  • a place to live
  • my cousin Mike for his mad computer skillz, and my dad for helping as we shop for a new car.

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