Sunday, September 11, 2011

Recent doings

I found that i had 2 blog posts saved as drafts! and havent gotten them done yet!


Its hard for me to get into blogging at the moment, we are having such crazy hectic lives that are trying to take over our other "normal" ones! and the fact that i cant blog while at work has definitely put a damper on things...

A quick update

J's parents--
  • are going on a mission!!!! South Dakota! (talk about a change in weather, yikes.) and they leave OCT 6. Yeah, thats like next week.
  • they decided that they wanted to "experience" the holidays with us, so for the past 3 sundays we have had Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas.
  • their house is now sold and we have to get them packed up and moved out before they leave on the mish!

J's other family--
  • Josh and Jamie and their kids have a bid in on a house...and since they are living with the in-laws they are hoping to get that taken care of...and SOON!
  • Jeff and Mindy are always busy with projects and hosting things, and gracie is in preschool.
  • Jen and Ken were able to come for Thanksgiving (also the in-laws farewell) and Jen stayed on for Christmas. They are buying a new home in Utah!
My parents--
  • My dad is ward clerk, My mom is relief society president. They are busy bees with helping others in the ward! as well as taking care of a family of 6! and a home! and a needy dog! and a few ridiculous and needy cats! AND a fish that miraculously is still alive!!! Mom has also been trying to get up to the cabin alot more this summer (not as much as she would have liked unfortunately.)
My siblings--
  • Randy broke his foot. And we dont know how. Poor guy is just so breakable--we have to be really careful and mindful of him.
  • Jeff and Melanie are both in school (full time) and working (full time) and about to have a BABY!! (that will be overtime im assuming :) ) Baby Jane Wight will be here the week of Thanksgiving!!! and Melanie's baby shower is next week.
  • Joe is still recovering from his ACL and Meniscus surgery and even though he cant play with the team, joe is still at every practice and football game. He just went to his first guy ask girl dance (and first official date as a 16 year old!) He and his date looked so great!
Husband and Me--
  • WORK!!! We are working alot right now. J is working 2 jobs...and the insurance business is really starting to pick up! He is doing awesome and i'm so proud of him. My work schedule just got changed so now i have 2 full days OFF! I'm really excited about this...our apartment hasnt really been clean for months.
  • Our 2 year anniversary is coming up next month! Already!!! That means i've been blogging for just over 2 years now. CRAZY.
We are super excited about the holidays coming up...and more importantly the weather change that will happen in the next month or so (please please please be next month!) I promise that i'll try and keep this more updated. I know that i also need to start posting pictures or this will become very boring very fast. :)

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  1. Holy cow your life of business never ends! haha I didn't realize that Jeff was still in school... hmmm.... but what an exciting life you live! I miss all those family events. Don't take them for granted!


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