Monday, October 3, 2011

In no particular order:

Andrea's Mail Bag:

Dear Work:
recently you have been LONG and BORING, which makes me TIRED and IRRITABLE. Please kindly stop.

Dear DMA (downtown mesa association):
really?? 2 "parking warnings for reparking with in 300' in a 24 hour period"? REALLY??

Dear apartment/complex:
i'm done with you. like forever. i'm ready to leave. too bad we just resigned a 6 month lease. bright side?? in 6 months i will be AWAY from you.

Dear giant ceramic pumpkin:
i'm sorry you got smashed to bits on saturday. you have had a very happy existence. i promise.

Dear AZ:
i love you. i do. but enough with the hot temperatures already! geez.

Dear Parents:
thank you for taking your vagabond daughter and her husband into your home for a couple of days while their electricity was out. also, thank you for letting us use your freezer/fridge while we stayed.

Dear In-laws:
you leave for a YEAR for your MISSION in 2 days. how crazy is that??!!

Dear living room:
you are about to get a make over.

Dear infected fingernail:
i loath you.

Dear General Conference:
you were so wonderful. i was touched by the spirit so much while listening to our leaders. i'm sad that you're over, but excited for next months ensign!

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