Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mind bomb.

This week blew my mind.

almost literally.

all over the place.

Last week ended with us having to move out of our apartment for 2 days because our electricity blew! Seriously. Had to call the fire department and everything.

It was pretty awful. Started out with maintenance coming and letting themselves into our apartment while we were still asleep. Refinishing our shower and tub with something that made the whole place smell HORID (strong headaches were a constant companion) for 2 days.

Next up, we had Jaces parents get set apart --that was good, not bad.

We have had roaches investing into our apartment for weeks. I swear i keep killing and cleaning and even had my friend rachel and her husband (Squish Em Pest Control!) over to spray for them. NOTHING WORKED! Found out that upstairs neighbors were nasty and filthy and let roaches live in their house. Now they live in our house. I hate apartments.

So we were going to have to get our apartment bombed. Know what that means? Everything out of cupboards, off floors, out of closets...basically you pack up like you're moving but leave everything in the middle of your rooms. Then you have to put it all back. Without the benefit of moving away.

So in the process of getting the apartment ready, the in-laws left on the mission. Sad and happy.

Been having to move EVERYTHING back...LONG process.

Helped Jamie yesterday by taking a truck and a half of garbage away from the house as shes trying to pack up and clean.

Then this morning we got up at 530 to go run in the Race for the Cure for my mom. Worth it.

Now starts a new week. Here's to hoping its a thousand times better than the last!

No surprises please!
and if its not too much to roaches either.


  1. Goodness that sucks. My blog doesn't show me your updates to the side since you made your blog private so I didn't think you had posted for months! Opps. Time to catch up.

  2. for real I didn't know you went private so I JUST found this. soooo. that freaking sucks! I'm glad it's all over for you!!!!! on a separate note Brian was telling me how hilarious he finds it that we know each other so well and we've never met. we just must be soulmates


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