Thursday, July 28, 2011

Farewell, Aragog.

So, yeah. another harry potter psych out.

I just love (when aragog dies) how hagrid says his name and how the professor says "farewell aragog". The emotion hagrid shows is how i felt the other day.

And let me tell you why.

I bought my laptop my first year in college. It was my first major spend---something that my parents didnt pay a portion of. And it nearly killed me to spend as much as i did. But it was awesome. I used it as my TV in my room, and it helped me get through all of my tough college classes (and provided entertainment with facebook and solitare when i didnt feel like paying attention). She was a beaut.

When we got married, the phrase "whats mine is yours" took on a whole new meaning. See...i dont share well. Only girl syndrome, i suppose. And see...Jace came with practically nothing (materialistic) into our marriage (expect his xbox). So MY computer became OUR computer. And for the better part of a year and half it worked out just fine.

But Jace is an insurance agent now...and he needs a computer for work. So it ended up being gone all the time and i couldnt waste my time away on facebook, or watch hulu and get caught up on burn notice or castle. I was a little put out.
BUT it was for the good of our future. So i got over it. Or tried to is a better way to say that.

Now. About 2 weeks ago...i tried to get on the computer...and it wasnt working. And not being fluent in computer meant that I called my awesome cousin Mike. He spreakens the computers language.
He said to bring it over and he'd look at it. When he did he said there were 2 possible outcomes. Either my computer was dead ($$$$$) OR my hard drive was (tears because that would mean i LOST EVERYTHING I'VE DONE--PICTURES, TALKS, NOTES, RESUMES, ETC SINCE 2006). It was kind of a no-win situation.

and i was praying that it was the computer.

turns was the hard drive. ::head banging on desk; tears streaming down my cheeks::

but before we found that out, Jace needed a computer for work and so we bought this sleek baby:

Do you appreciate the irony? We spent money we didnt have on a computer because we were desperate and kind of hoping mine died. Instead we spent money we didnt have and now we have 2 laptops.

Oh well. We thank Mike for his time and wisdom, even if he gave me heart failure for a day or so.
and Jace is loving the new laptop.

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