Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Fo' shizzle

Hey all.
guess what??

i've been married to THIS man

for a whole year now :)

and my love for him has grown deeper and stronger than i thought was possible.
Jace works so hard for our family.
He listens to me whine.
He is concerned when i dont feel well.
He takes care of me when i'm sick (sort of :) )
He sings me pretty music.
He dances with me to NO music.
He is constantly trying to make me smile.
and telling really bad jokes to do it :)
He knows the way to get back on my good side is by back tickles and doing the dishes.
He supported me through the ridiculousness that IS beauty school.
He takes me into the temple with the look like he's doing it for the first time...every time.
and now he is seriously talking about starting a family with me.

I love him so so much. and am so excited to be married to him for all of eternity!

1 comment:

  1. A whole year already! wow, that was super fast!!!!


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