Saturday, September 25, 2010

menial to spiritual checklist

Today was going to be my cleaning day. You know, since I've totally let it go and its SO messy! Yuck. I got our laundry all done yesterday. Today i was going to put it away and scrub till every surface in my house shined. What i didn't plan on was that i would accomplish none of that.

that's right. not one thing on my list got done.

you see, my mom called me with a favor this morning. to go pick up my big little brother from a friends house so she could go to the temple before it closed for 2 weeks. I didnt even think about asking to join, i was just happy to help by picking joe up. My mom called back not even 5 minutes later and said, " need to come to the temple with me." The funny thing? I didnt even think about it. I jumped up, put on a skirt and was off. We met up with my brother and his wife at the temple. We were there for a few hours...and you know what? I realized how good that sweet beautiful place makes me feel. I then went back to my place to show my mom who hasnt been over since i started decorating it. Then she and I went to Women's conference. (That's a special hour and a half meeting designed to counsel and uplift women.) I haven't cried so much in so long. My eyes have been red and puffy all day. Then my mom and i participated in a humanitarian project, putting together hygiene kits for foster kids. Seriously, not even 10 minutes of my time, will help some little girl out a lot. I feel so fortunate to be able to do so. After that, i went out to dinner with my momma. We talked about some of the struggles that I'm going through and how i need to just have faith and that she is and will always be there for me.

it is now close to 9:30 PM. my list has nothing crossed off on it.

my house is still a ridiculous mess.

and guess what? I've never felt like I've had a more productive day.

thanks mom. i love you.

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