Thursday, February 24, 2011

Re-take on "I have never..."

I call this the "Do you ever...?"

Like, do you ever go to say something and then blank totally out?

do you ever forget the salt in the cookies you're making and they turn out horrible?

do you ever forget to put milk on the grocery list, go to the store reminding yourself of the milk, and go home only to realize that you didnt actually BUY the milk?

or how about this?

do you ever look back at your life and smile?

or wonder what wouldve happened if you sent that letter to your ex's parents after you broke up? (yeah. i just found a letter i wrote my ex's family after we broke up...i keep looking at it and cant decide what i do with it now!)

do you ever wonder about the conversations you might have had with those that have since passed on?

do you ever sit and wonder why you dont allow yourself to have silly fun more?

or do you ever think of what your future kids will look like? (will they have Jace's dark hair and my blue eyes...because--TO. DIE. FOR.)

These are some of my "Do you evers..." lately. Do you have any??

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