Saturday, February 5, 2011

Valentine's Craft

These crafts started out because I have almost NO Vday decorations!

Last year i cut out like a BILLION hearts and heart attacked the inside of our house. I kept them and did it again this year, but i wanted something else.

So i thought? WREATH!

I made ONE and LOVED IT. So i made my mom one, and my SIL Melanie one (she doesnt have much for decorations either!) and then i made one for my friend Lauren (the BusyBee) for her 23rd Bday! and one for my friend Katie. Her 24th is in a few days.

So much fun. So much mess! You should really see our floor/couch. Fabric EVERYWHERE. but SO worth it!


  1. I agree adorable! I wish i could be as crafty as you and Mindy, but my mind just doesn't work like that. I will just keep making digital scrapbooks and videos I suppose. P.S. I get lots of good comments about my board you made. :)


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