Thursday, January 1, 2015

Belated Christmas

The Hunts came home and we did a belated Christmas of opening presents to Nash, and a few to us, but the most fun was watching our nephews and nieces and mom and pop and josh and jamie open our presents!

We got Josh and Jamie something boring, but what they asked for--Harkin's movie cups, t-shirt, and movie tickets. We also gave them a party game--Partini!

We gave our aspiring artist niece Grace a nice art set--pastels, charcoal, etc.

Corbin got ninja turtle legos--jace may have been jealous.

Alyssandra got her ears pierced in October--so we gave her lots of earrings!! and a new stuffed animal for her ever growing collection.

Alaric and Ryker are into we bought them different Elmo board books with musical cd's inside!

Mom and Pop got a pretty collage frame with all of the new family pictures we took up in St. George in November.

Nash was given lots of musical fun toys! An awesome camera, a say n see, a bear laptop, and books! So fun.

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