Thursday, January 1, 2015

Backtracking...just a little

So yeah...its 2015. And i have a few things to say about that.

But I have some stuff that happened in 2014 that I didnt get done here on my blog/journal and so we are gonna back up just a little.

Just before Thanksgiving (literally), Jace's cousin Dallin was pronounced brain dead, but his body was starting to learn to breathe on his own. His family and sweet wife made the decision to let him go. There was going to be a multiple day celebration of Dallin and in respect of his strong family. The first of those was the viewing to be held in St. George, Utah. That was the only part we were going to be able to go to.

So on a few hours notice, we packed up our little family and caravaned with Jace's brothers and their families to meet up with the extended Hunts. It was a bittersweet reunion...happiness and love mixed with sorrow and pain. I personally didnt know Dallin (I met him one time), but I had gotten to know his parents well and had just started to see what a strong and valiant woman he married. Dallin had just turned 24 and married for 2 short years, expecting their first baby in 2 months. His family has such a strong testimony of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. They know that Dallin is performing a great work on the other side of the veil and that he is just fine. Its those of us left behind that will be missing Dallin and feeling sorrow.

Their story is incredible--and if you want to read about it, its at (you could also donate if you felt so inclined).

I took my camera up...I knew that this was going to be the time for some family pictures. We were all together--lifting each other with just our presence. The love felt that weekend wont soon be forgotten.

I asked while at the viewing if they would like me to take pictures and I was told YES! enthusiastically. I am planning on making a CD and sending it to all family members, but here is a little sampling.

Dallin...we love you. We miss you. We'll take care of one another, but especially your parents, Carissa, and your baby boy. Until we meet again.

At grandma and grandpa hunts house. Mine and Nash's first time.

All Hunt grandkids together!!

Jeff and Mindy and Grace

Jen and Calvin. Ken couldnt make it.

Josh, Jamie, Corbin, Alyssandra, Alaric, and Ryker.

Kara, Jeff, Jeff, Josh, Jennifer, Jace.

Dallin was a hardworking cowboy.

The first thing I saw when I walked in. I started to tear up.

Dallin's dad Brad and wife Carissa. The Hunts will keep a close watch on her Dal.

Dallin's favorite scripture that was the family motto during the 2 week coma he was in. 
"Fight like a dragon."

Dallin was so talented. He was artistic and musical, hardworking and loving. He served an honorable mission and was an eagle scout, and married his sweetheart for eternity in the temple.

Aunt Lisa and 2 of her girls, Shalee and Katie.

Carissa, Brad, and Tammy spent the whole time comforting others. What gems they are.

Saying goodnight to his boy. I was sobbing taking this. So tender.

Grandpa and Grandma with Brad and Tammy Hunt family.

All the Hunts I could round up at the end of the night.

Explaining the plan of salvation to my nephew Corbin. 

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