Thursday, December 18, 2014

Life Lately--short version

Our life lately. One word: INSANE.

In short.

  • Dallin passed away and we went up to Utah on 7 hours notice for his viewing in st. george. It was crazy--but so worth it to see our family. 
  • Nash got his first cold.
  • Nash got his two front teeth.
  • Thanksgiving came and went and was delicious. Jeff and Mindy hosted.
  • We started the process of buying a home. Super rushed and rash. It was cute and hit most of our wants. We were to close in a month.
  • Gave notice to our apartments that we'd be out in 30 days. 
  • House inspection found lots of issues...seller wasnt willing to do what we wanted.
  • We canceled the contract and were homeless.
  • We bought a storage unit and started packing up our lives.
  • Nash got worse with his sleep because of all the craziness.
  • Nash got his second cold.
  • We moved into my parents home in my old bedroom.
  • My mom and I spent 2 nights packing and cleaning into the wee hours.
  • My inlaws came and helped paint.
  • My dad had a shoulder replacement and a bicep reattachment.
  • I did the final walk through praying that it would be up to their standards--it was.
  • I helped put up my families decorations and our tree and moved it into my moms front room because she didnt want to buy one this year.
  • I have spent a good portion of time sorting and organizing our things to make our bedroom livable.
  • I bought and wrapped all our presents.
  • Nash began teething and popped out another tooth.
We are ready for Christmas to get here and for life to slow down a little. Its been a crazy month.

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