Friday, November 21, 2014

Heavy Heart

2 weeks ago, Jace's cousin Dallin was in a bad accident.

He is a cowboy and was wrangling a cow...and he fell off his horse and then the horse rolled over him. He was finally life flighted to St. George Utah where he lay in a coma from a brain injury with 2 collapsed lungs, broken ribs, etc.

His wife of 2 years was at her baby shower in Northern Utah for their first baby due in January.

The doctors were able to re inflate the lungs, but the swelling of his brain made them uneasy. We received a text letting us know there was a possibility that he might never wake up. It was better for them to keep him sedated in the coma---hoping to allow the brain to heal.

His levels have been up and down over the last 2 weeks. Finally the neurologist said that he needed an MRI to check on the brain. The news was devastating. Dallin was brain dead. (I've gotten most of my information from my husband so those were his words). Dallin is an organ donor so they were going to take him off his medications and let things take their course while still keeping him on the ventilator (for his organs). The issue that they were concerned with is that his body may try to breathe on his own and then they couldn't do anything. He would be stuck in that vegetative state, not able to wake up.

I just got a text that Dallin's body is in fact trying to breathe, so they are taking him off the ventilator at 2 PM.

My heart aches for Aunt Tammy and Uncle Brad. Their other children Tiffany, Autumn, April, Logan, and Shaina. And mostly for his wife Carissa and their unborn child.

But even with a heavy heart---how grateful I am for the knowledge of eternal families. How wonderful to know that he is with our Heavenly Father---out of pain and away from suffering. Dallin will be a huge asset to Heaven, doing the work of our Lord. And you can bet that he will be his family's guardian angel--and that he will get to spend some time with his son in Heaven before he is born. Dear Hunt family, I love you.

"Peace. Be still."

If anyone would like to contribute to helping with medical costs and funeral costs :( Here is the link to the the gofundme account Dallin and Carissa

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