Thursday, January 1, 2015

Buying a house...

Right after we got back home from the viewing in St. George we started the process of buying a house. It was cute--lots of character and had a great backyard. It was a little smaller than I had hoped for but it was a good starter home (one we could be in easily for 5-8 years). The contract was signed and we were within 10 days of closing. Then we had our home inspection. There was too much, too big wrong with the house (like the 2 HVAC units and the roof...) so we pulled out of the contract. 

However we had already given notice to our apartments and so we started the process of packing up our lives, moving most of it into a storage unit and then moving in with my parents. ON DECEMBER 15TH we moved in. What in the crazy world were were thinking. RIGHT BEFORE CHRISTMAS!!!! NASH'S FIRST CHRISTMAS TO BOOT. oh well. its done. thank goodness.

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  1. Oh girl I KNOW how that goes! We were under sonctract on a house too and after the inspection we pulled out because of the same kind of issues and we couldn' deal with it. Then within 2 weeks we found our current house and I couldn't be more happy that that other house didn't work out. So keep the faith sister! That perfect house is out there for you, just keep lookin and I hope you find it soon!


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