Thursday, November 19, 2009

Forever and a day

I dont remember when i started saying that...but i use that saying all the time now!
"When was the last time we talked???---"forever and a day!"
"When was the last time you colored your hair andrea??---"forever and a day"
"When was the last time you blogged????---"forever and a day!"
Now, technically its been like a month. BUT STILL!

Jace and I are doing fantastic. :) He is a wonderful husband! I had a horrible-no-good day a couple of days ago and he comforted me. and then took me out to applebees to get me one of these:

Um, yeah, hi. Only one of my all time favorite treats! I love me some of Jace AND that strawberry daiquiri. MMMMM

I got our wedding pictures back and they turned out so good! The problem is, now i have way too many to chose from!!! Here are a few of my favorites:

I bet you didnt know this about me...but Mr. Darcy...yeah. He and i are BFF's. He came to my reception, cut in, and danced with me. I know, I know. You are SO jealous. As you should be.
Well, nothing else too interesting going on with us Hunts. We are working hard, and having fun being married :)
I'm getting ready to plan a Gunnell cousin night soon. SO to all you Gunnells that read this:
Be looking out for my email! It's gonna be great!


  1. Ha ha that daquiri looks good! Do I count as a Gunnell?!

  2. Andrea you guys look fabulous....and those red shoes are HOTT!

  3. OH Tickle Queen!! You're wedding pictues look amazing! As did you, of course :) I'm glad you're having fun being only gets better, I promise!


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