Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Mrs. Jace Hunt


Its finally here :) I can move past all this wedding planning and junk and be married to jace. i'm so happy!!!
We are getting married at 10:30 tomorrow morning, surrounded by our family (lots of them) and good friends at the temple. How lucky are we?!
My grandpa and grandma flew in from Montana yesterday, as did one of my bridesmaids (Kendall) from Utah! Everyone else comes today!!! I feel very blessed. My uncle Brian from Alaska is coming, my cousin sheri from California, my aunt Debbie and Uncle Jim from California, and a surprise my aunt Judy from Utah. They are all coming to see me and Jace!
Other uncle that seemed to be slipping from this life?...yeah...he totally is doing much better! He is still losing his battle with the cancer, but he is up and moving...he answered the phone the other day when i called and sounded just like the old Bruce. I couldnt believe it was him! He also was out running errands with my aunt a few days ago. He stayed in the car, but he was OUT. I think he may just make the wedding. (crosses fingers)
What a joy that would be!!
Jace and I are going to my ranch for our honeymoon. No internet or computers up there....and i'm really excited about that thought. :) So, until we get home and have time to write again, be happy! See you soon!
Andrea Hunt :)


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