Saturday, September 12, 2009

i love me some of...(long post...)

Ever have an icky day??? Do you have a special pick me up to help get you through that day??? I do. In fact, I have several. Here are some of what help get me through my "blah!" days...
This is the man of my dreams....and reality!! Couldn't love him more than I do. All i have to do is think about him and i almost instantly feel better. I get to be his wife for eternity in:
1 month and 3 days.
I've only been to this place once. But this is where Jace proposed!!! This is Fountain Hills, Arizona. Jace knows how much I love fountains and took me to the biggest one around to pop the question! It'll forever be one of my favorite places.

Yeah...just look at those. 'Nuff said
My friends:
This is my best man friend Troy. Hes awesome. And someone I can totally be myself around. I'm lucky to have him in my life.

This is my best girl friend Katie. We've been best friends for 10 years now. And we're weird and wacky and share a love for floppy beach hats. :) Shes also my Maid of Honor.

This isnt my cabin, but its close enough. My family has a tire swing and its been my favorite thing for as long as I can remember...

Ever been to Bigfork, Montana?? ITS AMAZING. Love the Flathead Lake and the water skiing that goes on there.

My favorite animals. Dont judge.

Who DOESNT love great white sharks?? Jace said he'll take me to go see them someday off the coast of South Africa. There is a reason i love that man. :)

Flamingos. What other animal is hot pink?!?
(shrimp dont count)
Pythons. Boas. If its a big snake, i love it. These happen to be my favorite...Albino Pythons. Arent they pretty!??!

I grew up on Pepsi. Pepsi is way better than Coke. However, I would rather drink a Coke than Diet Pepsi. ICK! Gotta be the real stuff.

Fishy Crackers...aka...Goldfish of my ALL TIME FAVORITE SNACKS.

Strawberries? Yes Please. Strawberry Cream Cheese Cake? Um. LOVE.

The best drink in the entire world. The VIRGIN strawberry daiquiri. Makes my heart melt just thinking about it.

Child books?? Maybe. I started reading them when i was in my teens. The series isnt finished yet, and i'm still totally loving on them!!! I dont care if they arent considered grown-up or the books that make you think, I LOVE THEM! they allow me to escape to another reality.

If you havent read Icing on the are missing out! Its a little more funny if you are a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints because it has some funny situations they get at singles wards. However, I will still recommend this book to anyone who will read it. If I'm having the worst day ever...I know that I can come home and read this and be in a fit of giggles in no time.

And of COURSE! The twilight series. LOVE LOVE LOVE. I remember when the first book came out and no one knew what twilight was. My aunt bought it for me and i was hooked! Sadly, i had to wait EVERY SINGLE YEAR for the new one to come out, but it was worth it. Except for New Moon. Yuck! ;)

I am a HUGE high heel fanatic. I have a problem. Do they have a shoe-aholics anonymous group? because i'm pretty sure Jace will put me in one if i dont join myself
Um, yeah. HI. Hugh Jackman. I dont think i really need to elaborate on why i love him.

Working in a salon all discover your favorite hair products. The Bedhead small talk isnt new to me, i use it everyday! But I love it so much, i had to include it. The new product that i've fallen for is the Foxy Curls. AWESOME! and they make your hair smell SO SO SO good!!!

These are some of my make me happy things. What makes you happy??
Make sure you have a happy day!


  1. Ok, you had me until Pepsi.

    Now I'm unsure if we can ever be friends again...

    *goes to drink her 4th Diet Coke today*

  2. oh my heck that is so funny you saw us. I'm trying to enroll right now. What do you do there? Are you in school?

  3. Andrea...
    first of all you should have been friends with my roommate when I was in U5...she had a giant snake that helped her clean the kitchen. no.joke.

    second...New moon is my favorite. don't judge me.

    third....I want to read Icing on the Cake Now. Do they sale it at the LDS book store?

    fourth...i love high heels. I have lame feet that don't fit in any. SO I have no addiction

    fifth...I discovered Bed Head products about 5 years ago and have never looked back. Amazing.

    sixth...reading blogs about happy things like this one always get me out of my icky days.

    speaking of Icky....I had a dreamed that I named my child that. sad I know.

  4. Totally agree with you about New Moon... Every time I go to read the series again, I always want to skip over New Moon... hee hee :)

  5. Yes I am going to Avalon! You have to be my friend and make it so I'm not scared! And crap, you say it's tough? I'm not good with tough...especially when it is in the same sentence as the word "SCHOOL!" So when exactly did you start? You still on your first 300 hours?

  6. thanks for reminding me that i have alot to be thankful for.tanks foryour support, seriously.


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