Tuesday, December 15, 2009

2 baby!

Where to start??!!
Um, my name is Andrea and i'm lame. i havent taken ANY pictures since Jace and i have been married...its truly sad. but no worries!!! i plan to rectify that! its freaking almost Christmas!
Today marks TWO months of being married for Jace and I. WEIRD. it feels like its been much longer. LOL I told someone that it was 2 months today and they even responded with "really?? i think you're lying. its been forever!" No joke ya'll.
i love Jace. and i realized last night that we have become old married folks. He got home from work early...(5) and made me rush to go out to dinner. Done and home by 6:30. Went to joes band concert at 7:30 and i fell asleep by 10. I have no idea when Jace came to bed. SAD!
So...tell me if this ever happens to you. Because i was getting some crazy good long sleep last night...that i'm not used to...i had some crazy weird dreams. The last dream was Jace being totally mean and telling me that i was stupid etc...and in the dream i started crying. I then woke up to my alarm with the OVERWHELMING urge to throw my pillow at him.
WHICH i might have just done....
but he totally slept through.
I have 2 people to get present for left...but i have everyone elses and they are wrapped and under my tree!!!! I had this crazy sense of "I HAVE TO GET THIS DONE OR ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!" Seriously...where did DEC go!??!
Jace and I are blessed to have our families so close for the holidays (and everyday too)
We get to spend part of both Christmas Eve and Christmas Day with them as well as starting our own family traditions. :)
I think i hit the nail on the head with Jace's christmas presents...i'm pretty excited to watch him open them! yay Christmas!
School is good...the last few days have been kinda slow for me. I'm done with all my required work...and i still have a week and a half! UGH! And i didnt have clients the last 3 days. :( So today i gave my classmate rachel a mani/pedi. I'm not the greatest artist, but i did snow and snowflakes on her fingernails and holly and berries on her toes.
Before I close this post...(because i dont know when i'll post again) here are some of my favorite things about this time of year:
1. Hugs
2. Kisses
3. The smell of real christmas trees
4. the colors red and green
6. Coats! and scarves!!
7. Christmas Hymns
8. People are generally more happy
9. The spirit of giving
10. Remembering Christ (you should always remember Him,
but we seem to more around this time of year...)
11. Family
12. Jace.


  1. Yeah! A new post! I am always checking to see what's new! I love your blogs.....they're so fun and full of energy! hip hip hooray! I can't wait to see pics when you get them up....whenever that will be since our lives are about to go into overdrive craziness for the holidays! Yeah! Love you!

  2. You are to funny! It dose feel longer than two months.


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