Saturday, January 16, 2010

Snuggle time!

Anyone who knows me, knows that i havent been the biggest snuggler...until i met jace. He is SUCH a cuddle bug. LOL I love the fact that he'll say "Come love on me..." meaning that he wants me to suggle up on him. He even made up his own book in the Bible that is all about snuggling up on your husband. Hes so weird...and i love him for it. LOL The other night when it rained we were out with Jeff and Melanie. When we got home, i went in to change and when i came out this is what i saw in our living room:

((Please excuse the boxes...i finally have come to terms with Christmas being over and have started packing everything up))

Jace was so cute and made a sleeping area under our still up Christmas tree! It was so cute.

Well, since i'm finally posting, i might as well catch you up. Christmas was really fun/tiring/stressful/successful. We were with both of our families this year. On both the 24th and 25th. We made it work, and they were pretty good about sharing us. Here is a few of our Christmas decorations that i actually got pictures of before i undecorated:

My mom is soooo cute!!! She made us our very own Calendar!!! Thanks mom!

For anyone wondering....that is the head of a "wonderful" gift from my best man friend troy. It USED to be a screaming rubber chicken....and for my birthday he painted it pink and black to be a screaming rubber flamingo. What a pal.

I woke up really sick on Christmas and didnt get anywhere better until after the new year... and this is the ONLY picture taken where i look semi-not-on-deaths-doorstep:

New Year 2010 (twenty-ten)

We went to the Hunts to celebrate with some yummy food and rock band. My brother Jeff came with his new squeeze Melanie. This was our New Year's Kiss picture:

The Jeff and Melanie.

So when i got married...We took one of the fish that was at my reception. I named him Walker, Texas Ranger. Thats right.

Well...he was a PANSY. Chuck Norris would have round-house kicked him in the face. No lie. and then sad day...he died. So we took my moms fish, Kuzco. Hes WAY cooler. I even took a picture of him and made mention of him on the blog.

Well...thats about got you caught up. I will do my best at taking pictures and updating more...I know not a whole lot of people read this, but its a good journal for me. and with PICTURES! Until next time, Lots of Love!


  1. WHATEVER!!! I am always checking to see if you've updated your blog! I'm glad you did! I love looking at pictures and seeing what you're up to. K...what the do you people get music on your blog! So cool! I love you girlie!

  2. Ha ha. Jace and I used to make beds n the floor all the time. Though thank heavens we did not snuggle. It was always one of our favorite things to do, we would make 2 huge beds just outside our bedroom doors and sleep there until mom got so annoyed with the blankets in her hallway she made us put them away. Good times.


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