Monday, December 13, 2010

Field of Dreams

Do you ever feel like you have just totally hit rock bottom? life?

I feel that over the last month or so, J and I really hit rock bottom. In short, we were both jobless and everywhere (and i mean everywhere) we applied to rejected us. My father told me that my car was dying, and then we both got really sick! Ugh. Life.

Well...thankfully we were able to lean on each other, had the love of our families to buoy us up, and we turned to our wonderful and loving Heavenly Father for guidance. The temple is the best place for a pick me up, i tell you what. :) About a thousand times better than chocolate, a Pepsi, or a great chick flick.

J has found a seasonal job for now, and we are praying hard that it will turn into a full-time gig (which we were told today that could happen!). The benefits are beyond amazing and that means that we could start a family! We are so excited to be at that point in our lives...we are both a bit baby hungry. J told me tonight that he wants a little person in our home. :) Doesn't that just melt your heart a little bit??

I had another interview at a salon today...i'm hoping it works out. Its really close to my house, so J could use the car to get to work. They dont work on Sundays (which is why i didnt get the other job i interviewed for) and i'm familiar with their product line. So we are praying that that will also work out.

Now that I'm feeling better, i've tried to get our place decorated for Christmas! I had it pretty much done weeks ago, but my mom gave me a bunch of left over decorations from her house that i've been making my own here! I just keep adding bits here and there and J just looks at me like, "really....? another decoration?!"
But to be fair, none of my decorations are big (except for my tree) and i'm only decorating 2 rooms in the it just seems like alot :)
I'm going to clean the apartment tomorrow and take some pictures so i can show you that we have the Christmas spirit!

I'm so mad at myself. I've redone alot of the decorations i've had and i forgot to take 'before' pictures. I only have after. Just take my word for looked NOTHING like that before! okay? okay.

I also went over to my parents and helped decorate their house (inside and out). I wont take pictures of the inside, but i will post pictures of the outside. My parents neighbors joke that we are the griswalds. :)

Well, here is to hoping and praying things to work out. "If you build it they will come", right? ;)

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