Thursday, December 9, 2010

I see the light!

I think that maybe, JUST maybe, there is a LIGHT at the end of this sickness tunnel. Its been a long and unpleasant journey (which i would have to venture all train rides might just be...but since i've never been on a train i cant say for SURE). Now that i'm feeling a bit better, i must turn my thoughts and actions into more important things other than medicine, and the wonderous invention called the Vicks Steam Vaporizer (that is totally more amazing than a regular humidifier because its hot, steamy medicine directed to your lungs. downside? it makes the whole house smell like vicks...). Now your thoughts and actions can go to how in the world are you going to clean your apartment...that you cant even see the floor of. IN. ANY. ROOM. fantastic. {insert sarcasm here}
But, yay to feeling better!

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