Wednesday, December 1, 2010

S'not so bad....

"it s'not so bad" is ludicrous! SNOT is evil. Its evil when it gets all clogged up in your head, making you feel all cattywhompous. Its evil when its pouring down your face for no good reason at all. And its evil when its drip-drip-driping out of ONE nostril (the left one. apparently the right one is my gal pal and is too prissy to DARE drip).

In case you cant tell, i have been cursed with a head cold. Darn you cold weather (that i have been praying for because i was sick of melting in NOV) and the evil nasty virus bugs that come with you! ARG.

and yes. being sick turns me into a pirate.

I'm in the middle of some fun projects right ornament wreath, a rosewood (or something like that) wreath and hanging ornaments from the ceiling making our apartment feel all merry and bright. LOVE IT. too bad i am now going to crawl back to the bedroom PAST all my wonderful projects to get all comfy cozey in my jammies and CRAWL back to snuggle in my lovesack with hot chocolate (nectar of the gods). Pictures to come!

over and out. i need a kleenex.

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