Monday, December 20, 2010

On drugs much?

My brain is seriously on crack or something. My dream last night was beyond weird. Normally I have an idea of where something came from in my dream, from a movie or something said the day before…but this dream…I can NOT think of ANYTHING that would have spurred this dream on.

I don’t remember how we got there…but we were (my husband and I) in a dorm room and we were sharing it with my almost 16 little brother Joe and…Riley from Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Riley was all busted up—broken leg and arm and scratches on his face…and Joe was on the phone trying to get Megan Fox to be his girlfriend!

I Love Riley from Buffy (although I’ve never dreamed about him before), but I seriously dislike Megan Fox. She’s beautiful for sure, but she can’t act at all. I’m pretty sure where I got the whole brother trying to date her…someone asked him to Sadies last night. {question not related to my dream…why would a girl ask a guy to a dance 4 months early?? That’s just weird.}

So. My dream jumps to me beating Lady GaGa up… (I mean, I can see where that came in—her songs are super catchy but I can not stand her!) but the reason I was beating her up was because she stole all of her songs from Justin Beiber! And let me just tell you this…I despise the Beibs. I do. I’m sure the kid is okay, but his songs? The fact that he has a memoire? AND a box office movie about his life called NEVER SAY NEVER? AND his clothes/hair/shoes?? Drives me freaking batty. No joke. So why I was defending him….i have no clue.

Now my dream jumps again to me being all cool and telling the news that GAGA is a liar and retarded; and then she is trying to kill me for ruining her life…me running away and finding Hulk Hogan (in his wrestling outfit from my N64 wrestling game) there to protect me.

And then my phone rang and woke me up from my crazier than all crazy dreams.

I need to be analyzed.

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