Thursday, December 16, 2010

Inception and me...

So I just watched Inception for the first time with my wonderful hubby. Now, a bit of background on me for you. I love what i call "disney movie" endings. I love the all happy endings where everybody is kissing and everything is blissful. I also love movies that I can just put on and not have to think about their meaning or whats behind them.

Lets face it. Sometimes by the end of the day i'm ready to turn my brain off for awhile. Anyone agree with me??

Well, J LOVED inception and asked me to buy it for him. So, being the awesome wife that i am, i did it. and watched it. and made J explain parts of it to me, because i was in the "wanting-to-turn-brain-off-and-not-being-able-to" mode. And I liked it. It isnt my "normal" type of movie but i'd watch it again fo' sho.

Now...because of inception my real life dreams have been all nutty. And yesterday i was discussing with J about taking my car and leaving it in fountain hills where he works.. out in a shopping center parking lot!

Enter Inception. I'm pretty sure that these two things combined freaked my poor brain out. I remember dreaming last night about someone breaking in and stealing all of our stuff... my wedding ring and my grandmothers diamond ring, our tv and even the tires on my car! What i dont remember is waking up in the middle of the night to put on my wedding ring and my grandmas ring. I woke up this morning and had both of them on. (I know for sure that i didnt have them on when i went to bed.)

Weird? yes. Coincidence?....maybe?

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  1. My poor mom DID have everything stolen when they first got married. She doesn't have her original wedding ring, or her dress. That's pretty funny though and I am glad nothing was stolen.


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