Wednesday, January 5, 2011

A new year=trying to be a better me.

I've never been one for "new years resolutions". I think they are kind of hokey. I mean, how many people ACTUALLY do all of the things on their lists. I think we get over-zealous and make a list of unrealistic goals.

Last new years, i was freshly married. With lots of good intentions and ideas for our life together. I sat down with J to make new years resolutions. yes, yes i became a resie. (thats what i call them)
Honestly, i had down 5 things.
Get down to a certain weight (fail...epically), change my name (accomplished!), get mine and jace's passports (accomplished!), go to school every day unless its an emergency (MAJOR FAIL), and keep my journal consistant--write at least 2 times a week (i failed at that goal but i did MUCH better on my journal writing than i have up to this point)

jace had one goal and didnt do it.

as a couple we had 3 goals.
communicate effectively--its an ongoing goal.
go to the temple 2 times a month. as sad as this is, we failed.
and spending out money more wisely...we ended up pretty even on this one.

work out 3 times a week.
eat healthier
do 1 big craft
read the book of mormon by myself
get a job
get certified in eyelash extentions

i wont put jaces on here.

our couple ones are a tab more realistic than last year i think:
go to the temple ONCE a month
read the BOM together everyday
have morning and nightly prayer
take a trip to the cabin together
start a baby fund


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  1. Best of luck in reaching your goals this year! I am pro resolutions in long as they are in the realm of possibility. Life is tough enough without setting yourself up to fail. So, go get 'em Tiger!


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