Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Choosing a name

So this is kind of a funny story. At least to me.

My brother Jeff and his wife Melanie have a cute little girl named Jane. 
She is a TORNADO, full of energy, fake laughs, tickling fits, sweet loves, 
and bottom lipped kisses.

Jane made my mom a grandma. 

And can I just tell you, she kind of LOVES it.

But she doesn't know if she wants to be 'grandma' per say.

Jane is now starting to jabber on all day and night and there are some words that she'll do. (Sunday I got her to say yummy while we made a fruit salad with whipping cream and marshmallows.)

So, she calls my mom, "mom-momm" (very different from her "momma") lol

And this got my mom thinking...what DOES she want to be called?

Her parents were gramma and grampa gunnell to me....
My dads parents are grandpa Lee and grandma Flo 
(thanks to my brother randy who inserted their first names in there)
My mom's brother Bruce was papa and his wife was grannie.
My mom's uncle Ross was papa and his wife Anita is mama.
My mom's grandma farnsworth was grannie.

So she's racking her brain with what she wants to be called, while we all just smile, because no matter what--it'll end up being what Jane finally calls her (seeing as shes the first grand kid) and she'll love it. 

(brand new Jane Kathryn with her "mom-momm". Nov. 24, 2011)

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