Monday, March 11, 2013


I have anxiety. I've discussed this before on the blog here

This month has been the worst for me.

I know its mostly because we've started seeing a specialist and we are hopeful to be pregnant soon.

For so long, my life seemed to be in such a rut. I did the same thing everyday with nothing really changing. A year ago we had alot of changes...We moved and got new ward callings, and Jace started a new job.

Since then...its been fairly "stale", if you will.

But since January we had something to look forward to. Something that we were hoping for and praying for and something we were so excited for.

And we've had our disappointments.

March and April are the "happy" months (generally). Its the perfect temperature in the valley, the beautiful flowers start blooming, for some its spring break!, and then we get to look forward to Easter. Everything starts anew after the winter.

Well, March has been, like, the slowest month for me. I decorated for St. Patty's Day on the 1st, and i'm ready for the green to be down. I'm just antsy. I'm anxious. I want things to change so badly, that I can hardly stand it!!!

Its like an itch that you cant scratch!!! And its driving me crazy. 

Okay...rant over.

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