Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Back Pain

So about 7 years ago, I had a little bit of an accident.

I threw my back out for about 2 months. 

Since then, my back has never been the same.

I go for a long time without it really bothering me, but as soon as I do anything active (like water skiing, bike riding, etc) it starts acting up and hurting alot. It gets to the point that I cant sit in chairs for very long without having to readjust (even really comfy/padded chairs), and my bed isn't even comfortable to me when my back acts up.

Its my lower back...and it goes down to my tailbone.

I've gone to a miropractor (and she works miracles on me) but it doesn't last. And i've done chiropractors and its just made it worse.

Does anyone has anything to suggest to make it feel better? 

Are there any special stretches that I should try or balms or anything? I'd appreciate any input you can give!!


  1. Oh man. That sounds terrible. I've never hurt my back like that. But maybe yoga could help? Strengthen the muscles around it? I have no idea.

  2. Try lying on ground, with your legs at a 90 angle resting on a chair. Make sure you are at 90 degrees, this should give some relief to that area of you back which will help the muscles relax. You can also, lie down and pull your knee to your chest, alternate between legs, that will help stretch the lower muscles. (I've got stretches up the wazoo!) you can also try Tai Chi.

    1. I'm going to start doing those stretches to see if that helps. Thanks whit!!

  3. Andrea, I'm sorry I don't have any advice for your back. My husband had to walk with a cane for 6 months because of back pain a few years ago! I'm sorry for your pain! I came to your blog to get to know you- I've really appreciated your heart-felt comments on my blog. Your plea above the comment box for no mean commenters gave me a good, well-needed laugh. You are too funny.

    1. Rachel, I'm glad you popped on over to my blog!!! Maybe we can become internet friends. I'm glad that I could make you laugh during this difficult time. Thinking of you!


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