Friday, February 15, 2013

Our Journey Part 2

Part 1

The HSG test is basically an Xray. But while the xray is going on the Dr. is shooting dye up in through the uterus and through the Fallopian tubes to see if there is any blockages.

I had heard about this from a few people. They gave me horror stories.

I read all of the information about what COULD happen...which made it seem very very scary to me.

I made my mom go with me, because I didnt know what to expect.

The procedure was very simple...very fast.

In fact we were done in 10 minutes and that includes me getting dressed again.

My Fallopian tubes were uterus was not. It appeared that I had a Polyp.

The Doctor at that point seemed unconcerned.

I left there with an follow up appointment in 2 days to have an ultrasound to see if we needed to trigger ovulation and "timed intercourse" (we laugh every time we say it).

Needless to say we were anxious and nervous.

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