Thursday, February 14, 2013

Valentines Day

In honor of mine and Jace's 4th Valentines together, I've "love" edited 4-- never before seen wedding pictures-- (seriously...i didn't even know we had these) coupled along with 4 things i love about my man.

1. He makes me laugh. And sometimes its when i really need it, or other times its when i want to be mad and annoyed and hes trying to get under my skin by making me laugh. Either way, I end up smiling, swatting at his leg, and moving on. 

2. He genuinely cares about me and other people. He has a big heart, although he doesn't open it to everyone, or let others see quite how big it is.

3. Jace can't eat a meal without spilling on himself. (in this case, neither of us cut the cake well or fed it to each other gracefully)

4. He can't do a fishy face to save his life. Seriously. I cant decide if its ridiculous or ridiculously cute. :)

Happy Valentines Day everyone!!
(Happy Birthday to Uncle Gary, and the state of Arizona!)

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