Monday, February 25, 2013

Our Journey Part 4

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FINALLY the day arrived!!!

I was so nervous. We had been fasting and praying, and my stomach was in KNOTS.

Jace less so. He didnt think we were pregnant. He told me so a few nights earlier. I was really mad at him. "Have faith man! Seriously."

We didnt know if Jace could get the time off to come with once again I took my mom. Its nice to have the support, when you dont know quite what to expect. Turns out Jace made it on his lunch hour and also had a little extra time off that he "won", so we didnt have to worry about him needing to leave before the end of the appointment.

The Doctor was running a little late because of a surgery he had that morning so it TOOK forever, which did NOTHING to help my nerves.

We went in to see him and go over results before they drew blood.

He explained to me, for the first time ever in my life, that I had a hormone imbalance. That is why my body doesnt ever ovulate properly. (good to know). He said that its simple to "reverse"....when i try to concieve I'll just take an extra hormone shot (cringe!) to add more of the right hormone to my body. He also told me that I had what he calls "the opposite of diabetes". Now, people with PCOS have a hard time getting insurance coverage because people with PCOS are predisposed to get diabetes. Its caused some problems, i tell you what.

But apparently I have the opposite problem. I have really high Insulin levels, and low blood sugar. So to counter that, he has me on a diabetic medication that is supposed to help my body process all of the extra insulin. and BONUS! its supposed to help me lose weight! Apparently THAT has been the cause of all the weight gain!!! He said that with high insulin, you gain alot of weight FAST, and it doesnt matter how much you diet, how many calories you count, how much/hard/often you work will NOT lose weight. Do you know how NICE it is to know WHY your body is doing things the way that it is?!

We also learned that Jaces counts were right where they needed to be except in one area.

Then we went for the blood test....only to learn that we probably wouldnt get the results that day. WHAT THE HECK!?!?!

After the appointment we all went out to lunch before Jace had to go back to work. Then I took my mom home....and THATS when i received the call.


  1. Okay, what the heck! You cannot not say anything....GRR! Just can't leave a girl hangin like that. You just canT!

  2. YOU ARE KILLLING ME WITH SUSPENSE!!! NO FAIR. (And I'm TOTALLY agreeing with Whitni on this one!) ;)

  3. Ya. I'm pretty sure you need to finish this now! :)

  4. I just saw this. I want to come down there and hug you. I want you to have a baby so so bad! right now!

  5. I am hoping for a happy ending. I know there will be a happy ending one day, even if it isn't to this chapter!


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