Tuesday, February 19, 2013


Alright people.

Being real here.

Hormones are the freaking WORST! 

Normal women have 1 week where their hormones are a bit out of control.
I've seemed to have that issue everyday, every week, every year for the last few years. Seriously. 
I burst into tears...I get angry fast...I know in my head that I'm being a bit much and yet, i just cant seem to get it under control.

Rewind back to about 2 weeks ago at the fertility doctor where he told me that i have a hormone imbalance. HALLELUJAH. 
An answer to why i feel like i'm off my rocker all the time. 

However, I'm now on hormone shots to help get them back in check...and i gotta tell you, that this is even worse than my messed up hormones to begin with. I cry at everything!
Guys...no joke...I was watching an episode of Cake Boss and started crying. CAKE. BOSS.
Who freaking cries at CAKE BOSS?!?

Well, i now own a movie that validates whats going on with me to my husband. He didn't get it before. And now after watching "What to Expect when You're Expecting" and seeing Elizabeth Banks' role...he gets it...at least a little bit.

 I've included the trailer, because i think its funny.

I've also included my favorite "song"...the hormone song. Its delightful.

Enjoy your day!

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