Friday, February 1, 2013

I am enough

Today is February 1st.

How did that happen? Wasn't it JUST Christmas?

Well, as we start the month of L.O.V.E., i was reminded by something pretty important.
Ashley at wrote a post today about being enough. about LOVING yourself.

I often am consumed with my love for others that i forget to love myself too. I'm actually pretty hard on myself and not very nice to myself alot of the time. So I'm taking Ashley's advice and i'm writing my "enough" statement.

I am Enough.
I am full of love and light.
I am extremely loyal and love with my whole heart.
I enjoy watching others try and SUCCEED. 
I love making new friends even though it scares me to open myself up.
I am a woman who wants to be a mom,
and sometimes I'm sad that I'm not--but that's OKAY. 
I know that I am a daughter of a KING--my Heavenly Father is my best friend.
I cherish the relationships I have with my brothers and my husband.
I like to think that my eyes can see into someones heart and mind, my smile can sympathize and help uplift, and my heart can reach out and love others.
I'm silly, but strong. Sensitive, but not weak. 
I try, even when I say that I give up. and then i keep trying. I try to be better everyday.
I know I have faults, and I recognize this, but I won't be defined by them.
I AM enough. I'm me--exactly who I should be.

Take Ashley's challenge. Write an Enough statement about yourself. If not on your blog, then in your journal. Its good to reflect on the person you are and make sure that you are loving yourself.

Happy February everyone!


  1. : ) Happy month of Love! embrace this time you have right now, you'll be a mom one day, just know that now it just where you need to be.
    Have a great day : )

  2. Love this! I love that you said you are sensitive but not weak--I can relate to that :) xoxo, ashley


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