Thursday, January 31, 2013

Jeff and Mindy

Jace and I are blessed to come from loving families. 

I have 3 brothers--who i'm pretty sure are just the coolest and funnest guys in the world.

Jace has 2 brothers and 1 sister--and he thinks they are pretty "boss" in every sense of the word (i mean he IS the baby of the family after all)

Well, it seems that our immediate Hunt family is destined to have to work a bit harder to add to our family. Each of us (with the exception of Josh and Jamie) 
seem to be having trouble having babies on our own.

Jace's older brother Jeff and his wife Mindy are unable to have children, so they adopted our sweet, spunky niece Grace almost 6 years ago. 

WELL, they are now feeling the push in their hearts to adopt again! They have a website up and running as of TODAY! Please take a minute and look it over, and share with your friends via pinterest, Instagram, blogging, Facebook  twitter, email, 
and any other social media there is out there! 

With enough people spreading the word I'm sure that they'll find the next addition
 to their family in no time.

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