Saturday, January 5, 2013


Everyone on the blog-o-sphere seems to do a "one word" for their year.

What they want it to encompass.

Well, I don't have my "one word" for my everyday life, i do have one for my hair business.


I want to look at doing hair this year as a "fresh start". 

Coming into the new year we all have hopes, goals, dreams, resolutions etc.

Many will be trying to become the best version of them---getting healthy mentally, spiritually, and physically.

Let me help you with part of the physical side!

We often get so consumed with everyday life that we (as women) don't take care of ourselves like we should.
 And it seems like HAIR is WAY WAY WAY down on the list of things that need to get taken care of, am I right?!

So for the month of January, I'm doing a special. Its a FRESH start into the New Year. 

How does a $10 haircut sound to you? Including a style. 

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  1. Why oh WHY can't I live in Arizona???? I need a hair cut so bad. :-(


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