Thursday, January 10, 2013


for real. no particular order because i'm too tired for that.

We were so blessed this Christmas. Neither one of us got sick (we both got sick right after New Year unfortunately), we spent alot of time with family, and fun gifts were exchanged!

Our apartment complex had a light competition and so I decided to beef up our lights. Our place looked amazing...but we didn't even place! It was rigged. Seriously.

McDonald's by my parents house got remodeled all "fancy" and had a creepy Ronald on top...

Emily and I threw my BFF Katie a bridal shower! April is FINALLY on its way!

Jace and I were down and out with the flu for about a week. We lived under blankets except for when we had to go to work.

We unexpectedly babysat Corbin and Alyssandra when Jamie had to go to the hospital. It resulted in a pedicure for Miss Aly and a haircut for Corbs. Thats what happens when your aunt is a cosmetologist i guess!

and Jamie posted the very top picture on her instagram last night. That woman has made it to 35+ weeks with twins!!! We'll get to meet the little men by the 22nd! (if not before!)

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