Thursday, January 3, 2013




I don't really like soup.

Shocked? Sorry.

I never have. I'll eat chicken noodle when i'm sick or its cold outside. I like stew--but only if the weather is dreary. I NEVER order soup at a restaurant...if i have a choice i'm getting me a salad.

So when I married Jace, and his family likes soup---adjustment time!

Jace's absolute favorite is his mom's Broccoli Cheese soup with homemade breadsticks.

It took me 2 years, but I can finally appreciate this soup (even if I only will eat it when its cold outside).

Jace got SICK yesterday. And he passed it onto me.

So, i thought, "i'll just whip up some of Kara's soup"....

HA. whip up. Those breadsticks take forever.

BUT i did it. All on my own. And it tasted good. My breadsticks didn't come out like my mother in laws...i'm going to need her to show me her jedi ways.

The soup was like 40 times more than we needed...

So we shared and took a huge bowl over to my parents where my brothers were...i knew it wouldn't go to waste THERE. :)

I still wont make this often.

I still don't love soup.

But its nice to know that I can make it every now and then for Jace and have it turn out.

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  1. Yeah Ken hates soup. But I LOVE soup so I make it all the time anyways and eat it for about a week. Ha ha


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