Monday, December 31, 2012

New Year

Last year, Jace and I could not have been more DONE with 2011.

He had had kidney stones 3 times.
Our apartment had been infested with roaches for 6 months (right after we resigned our lease for 6 months)
Our electricity had blown, we lost all of our food, and had to live with my family for about 4 days.
I had quit my job at the salon. Jace didn't love working as a insurance agent.
We lost one of our cars and had to think about a new one.
Jace's family (parents and siblings and cousin) were moving ALL the time.
My family was having surgeries or breaking things left and right (Joe, Mom, Dad, Randy)
We still didn't have a baby.
and the list could go on.

So when 2012 rolled on in, we were ecstatic! 
and 2012 has been good to us, it really has.

Jace got a job he LOVES at Wells Fargo.
and then turned around and got a PROMOTION!!
We are jumping for joy because Wells Fargo will help pay for school AND it has great medical benefits.
I found a job at Gunnell's that was and still is a blessing.
We found a new apartment, that is definitely our HOME.
We bought our first ever, new car!
We had a niece, Jane, born at the end of 2011--so it was so fun having a baby around in 2012.
We had our sister-in-law Jamie announce that she was pregnant with TWINS in 2012--
they are getting due any day now!
Jace's brother and his wife are trying to adopt again.
Jace's parents are on their mission and prospering.
My baby brother got his Eagle, Driver's License  and when they announced the age change of missionaries he was jumping up and down with excitement.
and well, while we still don't have a baby--we are hoping and praying that 2013 will be our year.

So while I'm actually a little sad to see 2012 disappear in the blink of an eye,
I'm so very much looking forward to 2013.

Happy New Year everyone. Be safe!


  1. 2013 is OUR year. We will have babies this year.:-)

  2. You are so positive! I need to be more like you!

  3. I used blog2print to print my blog into a book but another option is blurb.


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