Tuesday, December 11, 2012

a Truth for Tuesday (TMI)

Let me tell you a little about me--in case you don't already know me.

I have PCOS.

In case you don't know what that is: Poly-Cystic Ovarian Syndrome.

It is different in EVERY person who has it.

Basically though, i have cysts covering my ovaries making it hard to get pregnant.

My cycle has NEVER been regulated.

And with these cysts comes different symptoms.


I get hot flashes...actually I just feel like a furnace ALL the time.

My feet swell up.

My nose picks up smells that they shouldn't be able to.

I get nauseous easily.

I've gained 50 pounds since Jace and I got married (my syndrome activated when I had sex for the first time)
I'm healthier now, then I was 3 years ago. 
I eat more fruits and veggies, I make most of my food--eating out is not as much, I drink more water, and I exercise way more.

Nothing changes my weight because its CHEMICAL.

AND to top all of it off, I cant get pregnant on my own because my body THINKS its already pregnant.

So, when I have people come up and ask me when I'm "due" or congratulate me on my "pregnancy"--I know I shouldn't be mad at them, but COME ON. 
Its not my fault I look the way I do---and I already am sad and depressed by it.
I don't need others pointing out the fact that I'm fat,
but its "okay" because I'm "pregnant"---oh wait.

Do me a favor--anyone who reads this--DO NOT ask someone if they are pregnant. Period. DO NOT ask when they are due. DO NOT put your hand on someone else stomach (oh yeah..that happened). 
Just DON'T. End of Story.


  1. Oh honey I"m SOO sorry! I used to get asked that all the time before I was even married so I totally get it, people just need to learn not to ask ever! I'm sorry people are rude and ask when it's so hard to hear, believe me I know. Loves!!

  2. I think you would really like talking with my cousin. She has PCOS. Check out her blog: http://lnralumbaugh.blogspot.com/

  3. I've been there. I once argued with a co-worker for like 5 minutes about how I wasn't pregnant. She kept touching my stomach and insisting that I just didn't want people to know yet. It was awful. I'm sorry people are idiots.


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