Thursday, December 27, 2012

and finally our 12th date of Christmas

Our 12th date was BOXING day!

We got up that morning after laying in bed for awhile,
and went to Walmart and Target to exchange a couple of things we got for Christmas, 
as well as get a new HDMI cable for our new... Blu-ray player! 
(Thanks Jeff and Mindy!)

While we were at Target,
Jace found a pair of fancy gaming headphones (can you believe I don't know the technical term?! ::sarcasm::)
That were put in the wrong place.
We always get $50 each in grandparent money for Christmas. He also had $20 in shoe money from my parents. That equaled JUST enough to get a present that he was giddy about.
So he got $100 headphones for $60. 
and he was pretty stoked.

Since we were at Tempe Market Place, I wanted to go to Barnes and Noble...
I had just found out a series i love had a book come out awhile ago that i didn't know about!
So I went to pick it up, and guess what?! They aren't selling that book in stores--only online!
Talk about LAME!
However, the guy there ordered it for me so I don't have to pay shipping...and that was pretty cool.

We made a quick stop over at Michael's while we were there to pick up something for my friends bridal shower on Saturday!! (we are FINALLY getting closer to her wedding!)

And then we moseyed on over to the park where Jace's family was hanging out with their kiddos. His mom and dad were leaving that afternoon to go back out on their mission.

Then we went home, ate dinner, set up the Blu-ray, watched a movie, and played a game on the Xbox.
All in all, a great 12th date. 

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