Friday, December 7, 2012

1st Date of Christmas!

Jace and I have had an abnormally busy start to our Christmas season...

We hurried and did all of our shopping at the end of November so we could more 
fully enjoy the month of December...

We've had a trip out of town (Jace), 2 weeks without a day off (me), a HUGE Relief Society Christmas Program (me..and Jace to help pack my stuff back up in two cars), a Christmas Party for my parents ward (I babysat Randy), putting up Christmas lights at the parents (me), and doing our Christmas lights for the 1st time! (there is a contest at our complex...and I really want to win that $100).

I haven't even had time in my days or room in my brain to think about when we'd start doing our 12 dates of Christmas. Luckily we've finally started!

As per tradition, our 1st date of Christmas is picking out our special ornaments for this year! My parents always did this for us kids growing up and those are the ornaments that we got to take with us when we moved out, so if we put up a tree we had enough to decorate it!
(our first Christmas, my ornaments from all those years growing up are all we used!)

Jace LOVES this tradition now. He's excited to do it when we have kids too. So--what we do, is we each get to pick an ornament that represents "us"--what we love, what we've done, whatever! and then we get a couple ornament--something that symbolizes what we did together that year. 2 years ago we went to Montana to visit my family. We found 2 great ornaments to remember that trip. Last year, we saw more movies in theaters (i swear!) so we found an "admit one ticket stub" ornament.
This year our big thing was our first trip to Disneyland for my birthday!

Without further ado--our ornaments for the year 2012!

(These two are mine! I got them for 50% off and the total only came to $5 for both!--the blue glass reminds me of an ornament my grandma had, and i love penguins!)

(Jace decided 3 Christmas' ago that he wanted to get a Super-hero army on our tree...yeah. So one year he got Spiderman and Yoda, last year I got him Batman, and this year was Wolverine.)

(And I ordered this HUGE beauty off of Disney's website! Its perfect to remember going to Disneyland for the first time as husband and wife!)

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