Monday, December 10, 2012

The Wreckage

My own version of the Titanic happened Friday night around 1130 PM.

I heard running water.

From, I knew not where.

I went to sleep.

At 2:30 AM Saturday morning...

I was awakened.

I stepped onto our carpet.

Heard a squish, and was standing in a little puddle of water.

I opened our closet.

And it was RAINING.

A pipe had burst and was quickly filling our closet and working its way out into the middle of the room.

Sleep was gone.

We sprung into action clearing that closet out.

Countless things were water-logged and ruined. 

The items that suffered the most damage were my pictures and frames :(

The clothes will dry.

The shoes will dry.  

The laptop speakers? Not so much.

I was up for a solid 27 hours by the time I finished waiting for 1. emergency maintenance and 2. the carpet guy.

There is a giant hole in our closet now...awaiting drywall.

We have had to sleep out on our couches for the last 3 days while a giant, loud fan was drying our carpet and filling our apartment with the aroma of mildew. 


It could've been way didn't ruin any of our furniture or go beyond our bedroom. 

But what a freaking pain in the behind. 


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