Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Baby on the Brain


I always seem to have 'baby' on my mind. 

Everyone I know seems to be getting pregnant.
 (found out another cousin and friend are expecting!)

Or trying to get pregnant. 
(a few friends and of course me--and my SIL is having a surgery done today to help)

Or trying to adopt.
(My BIL and SIL sent out New Year/Adoption cards yesterday...

Or, you know, HAVING babies and bringing them home.


Yesterday was so fun. We found out that both of our twin nephews were HOME from the NICU!!! We had met them, of course, but hadn't yet been able to hold them. So we kinda rushed over to ooo and ahhh over the newest additions to our family. 

Baby A is Alaric LaVell!

Baby B is Ryker Rulon!

(These pictures are Jamie's from the hospital. Aren't they so cute?!)

They are so tiny!! and as I sat there looking at these little miracles, I started crying.
(Seeing my husband snuggling Ryker and kissing his tiny head didn't help either)

We also got to see our niece Grace (shes almost 6! what?!) and then we
went to dinner with my family where our other niece Jane was babbling to no one about everything! The only downside to yesterday was that Corbin and Alyssandra weren't there. They get to hang out with their grandma and grandpa and uncles in St. George.

We are so grateful for the sweet spirits of our nieces and nephews and love them so so much! We are hoping that 2013 is the year of the Baby.
We are trying.
My brother Jeff and his wife are looking to add to their family.
Jeff and Mindy are trying to adopt.
Jen and Ken are hoping to have a baby.
and we just added 2, thanks to Josh and Jamie.

Babies are so wonderful. Children in general, are so wonderful. I know they can be and are: difficult, frustrating, messy, exhausting, and expensive...but they are also loving, sweet, funny,  light of our lives, and children of our Heavenly Father.

I read a blog post today by one of my favorite women, Shawni at 71toes.com
(I first met her at Time Out for Women a couple of years ago, and then found out that she lives in my cousins ward. So, naturally, she and i are best friends now.)  :)

But the post was about motherhood. And how in the world today motherhood, having families, and child rearing are viewed as archaic ideas. They hold women back from reaching their potential of a stellar career, making lots of money, and having nice, expensive things.

And seeing as ALL i want, is to be a mom--this made me mad...but mostly so very sad.
What a wonderful GIFT children are from our Heavenly Father.
I cant wait until its my turn to become a mother...so that my "career" will have the most meaning in the world, make me President and CEO,
and make me richer than money ever could. 

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  1. I don't think having babies is archaic or being a stay at home mom either but I do believe that sometimes it isn't for everyone. I want to have children, I want to love them and raise them but I also want to work. This works perfect for Buck and I because he wants to be a stay at home dad.


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