Saturday, January 19, 2013

Twins are here!!

My SIL Jamie went into labor naturally (4 days before her scheduled c-section) 
and just had her twin boys!!!

 I cant believe they are really here!!! For so long, poor Corbin was out numbered as the only boy cousin on the hunt side with an older girl cousin Grace, and his little sister Alyssandra. 

Now that Alaric and Ryker are here that is no longer the case!
 The Hunt men are taking over!!!
(I'm allowed to say their names now that Jamie and Josh were able to tell her dad that they named Ryker after him--yay!)

I am so gosh darn happy for her and josh. I cant believe what a freaking rock star Jamie has been. Not only did they conceive twins naturally, she carried them FULL TERM while chasing after her 4 and 3 year olds, as well as going UP and DOWN stairs everyday in their house. Just thinking about it, I cant believe it. She truly is awesome.

We babysat Corbin and Alyssandra last night while we waited to go to the hospital.

We then were able to go to the hospital last night to see Jamie, Josh, and the boys.
Josh had posted a picture to Instagram that made Alaric look like a giant, but that's not the case. They both are tiny (but amazing sized for twins! just over and just under 6 pounds), and just so stinking cute!! Josh and Jamie certainly make adorable kids, that's for sure.

(I was going to take a picture or 2 of the boys, but when we went into the NICU i read a sign that said to turn off your phones. Little did I know that I could've taken pictures! Darn it.)

Then we went to take Corbin and Alyssandra back home to wait for their Grandma and Grandpa who were on their way from St. George! Too bad it ended up so late--they fell asleep before they got there, but i'm sure they had a very nice surprise to wake up to!

Now here's hoping that they boys will be ready to come home with Jamie in a few days!!!

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