Wednesday, June 5, 2013

My new job

So, I finally am able to write about my new job.

I'm not at work and I'm not asleep. Its a miracle!

The past 2 weeks have been pure and total chaos. 

I get up WAY earlier than I'm used to, go to a job where I'm running around like a chicken with its head cut off--while playing catch up, spending alot of time driving in the HOT HOT HOT, and then coming home and CRASHING. HARD. Like, 9:30 PM hard.

Blogging really hasnt been in the forefront of my mind.

This job...we honestly feel that it was an answer to prayer. You see, i was only working part time at the jewelry store and we were going to be closing an extra day for the summer. Every other week I would only be working 16 hours. On top of that the other girl working there was needing more hours. We were hoping that I could find another part time job and work them both. However, I wasnt finding much. I finally applied to be a caregiver with this company called ITC. They are the middle man between families with someone with special needs and the state---helping provide services for them. I've been doing caregiving for my brother Randy since...forever, but officially since I turned 18. I tried calling a few families, but nothing came up. Jace and I were getting nervous because of our additional expenses (fertility costs quite a bit, in case you didnt know!). We prayed, and fasted, I worried, and panicked (like i told you about here) and then I got this call from ITC...they were looking for someone to fill an office position. I would be working full time and making a little more per hour than I was. I thought, what the heck, I'll interview. I went...and the next day got the job offer. I didnt know how to tell my employer at the jewelry store...see...hes also my moms cousin. And they had been so good to me. But this job, FELL into my lap...and I couldnt turn it down. So I put in my 2 weeks (the other girl was to take over my hours which is perfect for her) and I started at ITC.

Now, here are some things that I've learned in the past 2 weeks of working there:

#1. I had NO idea what I was doing....and I'm still making it up as I go sometimes. 
#2. The girl who I replaced left things in a MESS. My spreadsheets are off, visits were not made for the past 6 months (I have to go into the homes every few months), and notes that are required for the state have not been turned in for alot of people for at least 5 months.
#3. I shouldve paid more attention in my college computer class...I have never used excel since then, and most of my work is now on excel spreadsheets. At least I was upfront on that in the interview.
#4. I've never had such a grown up job before. I've worked jobs, and been responsible sure, but i'm responsible for 160 peoples hours and corresponding with all of their case workers when I need to, staying updated on all of the providers, going to ISPs, taking in new clients informations, and going into the home for quarterly visits. Its ALOT.
#5. I havent had to work my brain so hard in such a long time. I have been thoroughly mentally exhausted.
#6. My body doenst know what to do with itself. I'm making it wake up and get to work before JACE even leaves to work, I'm working full time, and I'm constantly busy while at work. I get home and maybe make dinner...but mostly I wait about an hour until Jace gets home, we talk and then I fall asleep on the couch. Its been a bad cycle.
#7. Chances days are going to be a mixture of good and bad. I've yet to have a solidly good day. Like today, it started a little crazy, but got better, until about 20 minutes before I left. It went swiftly downhill from there.
#8. I didnt look at facebook, my blog, other blogs, my email, or pinterest for the 1st week I was working my new job. It felt weird when I said that, but I was too busy and then too tired to even think about it! It was kind of freeing.

Long story, not so short.
I am the new Consumer Care Coordinator at ITC personal in home care.
And while I have ALOT to learn,
and ALOT of responsibility,
I'm excited for this new opportunity.
Also, I'm excited for Friday...I get my first real pay check from them! 


  1. Awesome that you are happy but MAN! That sounds exhausting!


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