Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Our Journey Part 13

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To get myself to cycle, I go off the Progesterone cream that I had been taking every night for the last 2 weeks. Its a bitter sweet moment when I don't have to take that stupid cream. For whatever reason, it makes me crazy hot in the middle of the night and ALWAYS without fail, wakes me up at like 3 or 4 AM. So when I go off of it, I LOVE that i'm able to start sleeping un-interrupted...however the fact that i'm not taking it anymore just re-emphasizes that i'm not pregnant.

My body has reacted differently each time I go off the cream...the first time it took just over a week to start my cycle...the next month it was 5 days. This time it was less than 2 days! It totally caught me off guard. I called, and set up my appointment for an ultrasound and it just so happened to be at the time I was going in to talk to my Doctor anyways. SCORE! I didn't have to go back in another time.

I had my "follow up" with my Doctor (who I just love, by the way. he is so re-assuring...even if he talks crazy fast to where I generally have to ask him to repeat everything). There were 5 different possibility factors as to why we weren't pregnant. One of them was the "probability factor" meaning, that x out of x women get pregnant and it just wasn't my turn. LAME! I just want it to be my turn. However, he seemed really optimistic and had a new plan for us. He called it "revised plan A+". This next round we'll do "front loading" of the hormone shot...apparently this gives us a BIG percentage of the possibility of twins...which we are actually 100% fine with. (he was telling me that with his wife they did IVF twice...the first time she got pregnant with twins and carried them for 40 weeks!, and the second time she got pregnant with TRIPLETS and carried them for 37 weeks!! She's FREAKING WONDER WOMAN!!!)

Anyways after my conversation with my doctor, he actually checked me on the ultrasound this time and we found a "leftover" follicle. Apparently this is not unusual. But what it meant was that we couldn't start our next round of fertility because we needed that follicle/cyst to shrink. They put me on a medication to shrink it and I had another ultrasound appointment for a week later. During all of this time I'm on my period. And all I can think is about how I should be on all of my other medication to get a dang baby!

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