Friday, June 14, 2013

Our Journey Part 14

I took that stupid medicine to shrink the follicle. I'm on so many medications all the time, that its getting mentally exhausting keeping track of it all, and also physically its taking its toll. I'm sick ALL. THE. TIME.

Well, I finally finished the medication and went in for another ultrasound to check to see if it shrunk like it was supposed to. The ultrasound tech said it shrunk a little, but maybe not enough. She was going to check with my Doctor and see what he thought. If it wasnt small enough i'd have to go back on the medicine for another week and things would keep getting delayed. Thankfully he said to stop that medicine and start my cycle back up.

Yes. Back up. I had a full weeks worth of a heavy cycle, only to have to go back onto a period. 


SO. after a full, and completely annoying 2 WEEK CYCLE, and after adding in another pill all week, and a HEAVY dosage of my hormone shot (we upped the dosage as well as the number of times i was taking it--which was ALSO awful...) I went BACK in for another ultrasound.

Seriously I live at the fertility center. ultrasound happened to fall on Sunday and we went in and the tech was saying we had 3 follicles measuring at 10, 10, and 11 on the left, and 2 on the right measuring just under a 10. The goal to trigger ovulation is to have those follicles as close to 20 as possible. So, a little discouraging...but she wasnt upspet. She just wanted me to do 2 more hormone shots (my crazy juice) and go back in for another ultrasound 3 days later. 

So...we'll see. Here's hoping they all will be ready!!


  1. so, i realize that all of this whole fertility stuff is generally not so awesome. but seriously, a two week period to cap it all off? that is so unfair.

    hang in there girl.

  2. Good luck!! I'm praying for you all the time! <3 you!!

  3. I'm thinking about you all the time, and I'm hoping good news for you when you go back in! I love you Tickle Queen!


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