Saturday, May 4, 2013

Our Journey Part 10

I'm sitting here thinking to myself that i hope this journey doesn't have a million "parts" to it...


I went back in and started my cycle of medication and shots a week later.
They started me doing my hormone shots alot earlier this time hoping that it would help develop those follicles correctly. They are so touchy those dang follicles.
We went in a week after that for an ultrasound.

We had a few that were measuring okay, but not great...

So the nurse decided we'd do more hormone shots (worst ever!), and wait a few more days and come back in for another ultrasound.

The day finally came and after much prayer, fasting, and WILLING my follicles to grow my ultrasound was the first HAPPY one we've had!! I had THREE follicles measuring right where they wanted them to! 

100% better than last month!

So. Next step. Trigger ovulation,  and do an IUI. 

Please let this be the month!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  1. I will pray for you through all of the parts. But I hope it is only eleven parts. :)


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